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Characteristics Of Mesh Vinyl Banners

The two most common types of vinyl banners you will come across are the standard vinyl banners and the mesh vinyl banners. At first glance, they look the same but then you soon realize that they have some very different characteristics about them; each more suitable in certain conditions. 

Here are some of  the characteristics of mesh banners:

1 – Like the standard banner, the mesh banners or mesh posters are also made out of vinyl. This means it also possesses the same quality such as durability. This also makes it available to use indoors and outdoors. The main difference is seen in the way the vinyl is constructed throughout the banner. The mesh vinyl banner has tiny holes located equally throughout it and is ideal for windy situations.

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2 – People often choose a mesh banner for larger outdoor events and concerts, when a larger banner is required as well as when used as building banners. When exposed to wind, the wind simply goes through the little holes in the material which means the poster is not disturbed and remains securely intact. On the other hand, a standard banner might often come loose, wave around in the wind and close up where the message the banner is displaying would be unreadable.

3 – Mesh vinyl banners are also great for indoor displays as well. A common way to display them indoors is to place the poster or banner on windows. This is sometimes a better alternative to posters due to the fact that the holes in the mesh material let light through. It also allows for customers to see in and out of the location. For this reason, among others, mesh vinyl banners can be printed on both sides and in full color.