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Cigar Smoking Guide For Beginners

Not everyone on earth knows how to smoke a cigar. For beginners as well as even the ones that smoke cigars frequently don't automatically understand how to smoke a cigar. There's skill involved in smoking cigars,

Here Are a Few Tips for how to smoke a cigar:

To understand how to smoke a cigar  correctly, you don't have to put on a smoking jacket. In reality, ensure you don't use one, unless it actually can help you get in the mood.


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If you haven't ever smoked one before, make certain to practice in solitude. Stumbling through the procedure for smoking your first cigar isn't likely to put you in high esteem and it surely won't make you look sophisticated.

Should you discover yourself in a situation where you can't correctly practice smoking a cigar , make certain to see everything your cigar-smoking companions perform, and then mimic them.

Alright, now that we've covered the finer things, let's move to the way to smoke a cigar with course and esteem:

Before it is possible to find out how to smoke a cigar, then you need to discover to select one.

If you're new to smoking cigars, and you don't need to cough, then you're likely to need to begin using a more thinner one instead of the usual one. Thicker, shorter cigars are more intense.

  • Ensure the cigar includes hundred percent Tobacco.
  • Gently squeeze the cigar to be certain that there are no lumps in it.
  • Make sure that there isn't discoloration of the cigars in the conclusion.
  • As soon as you've picked your cigar and you're ready to smoke