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Does Your Data Measure Up? How to Assess Data Quality

Business today is increasingly dependent on a constantly growing flood of information. Whether it's sales records, financial data, and accounting, or sensitive customer information, the accuracy and adequacy of the company's data are very important.

If the piece of information that is inaccurate or incomplete, the effect on the organization can range from embarrassing to disaster. If you are looking for top-rated data quality assessment service then you are in the right place.

That's why you, as an IT professional, must be committed to ensuring that your company relies on the information that meets the highest data quality standards.

Quality Measure Data

The term "data quality" refers to the suitability of data to serve its intended purpose. Thus, measuring the quality of data involves assessing the quality of data to determine the extent of your data that adequately supports the business needs of the company.

Data Audit

A data quality assessment is done by measuring the specific features of the data to see if they meet the standards set.

Each of these features is called the "dimension of data quality," and rated according to the relevant metrics that provide an objective assessment of quality.


Completeness relates to whether all the required information is present in the data set. For example, if the customer information in the database is required to include a first and last name, records where the first name or last name field not occupied is marked as incomplete.


Data is marked as valid if it matches the rules set for it. The rules typically include specifications such as format (number of digits, etc.), the type of which is permitted (integer, floating-point, string, etc.), and range (minimum and maximum values).