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How To Install Chapeau Linux On A USB With Rufus

Chapeau is a Linux based operating system that has a friendly, functional desktop experience right out of the box. Chapeau was written for 64-bit processors and it can support up to 16 gigabytes of RAM. It is perfect for people who love to play games. Chapeau was discontinued in 2020 but can be downloaded from DistroWatch. Their website is down as of this posting. Its name derives from the French term for “hat”. In relation to Chapeau Linux, the term retains the link to Fedora (a style of a hat), and also to the sponsor of the Fedora community project, Red Hat. Chapeau is not just for beginners; it also provides for power users and includes extra tools that make a Chapeau live DVD or USB disk a super useful portable toolkit for repairing Linux and Windows. To do this you'd have to use Rufus bootable USB creator software. You can download Rufus from any well-known website. However, to be extra safe, we recommend you download it from Rufus's official publisher website. The Rufus setup is a small file and therefore it should download in a couple of seconds.

Rufus Software

If you are game junkie Chapeau includes Valve's Steam client for Linux so you can get your game on with big title where closed-source GPU drivers from hardware vendors installed with one or two clicks. Built from Fedora workstation with GNU/Linux distribution that comes along with the Gnome desktop platform. It brings advanced, top performance OS that caters 64-bit PCs with the intention as a user-friendly distribution for those who are new to GNU/Linux based system that proves useful for advanced users as well. Chapeau takes the work out of setting up Fedora as a desktop operating system by including software that Fedora can't, Extra software sources are pre-configured to make even more packages available and easy to work just for you. Virtualization becomes a cinch as you manage remote hosts & spin up virtual machines on Linux KVM in no time, all in the same easy-to-use window. Chapeau includes system tools that are useful for analyzing & tuning your system or fixing broken ones. All are usable from a live booted session. Curated for beginners, provides an array of software, applications, and media codecs in the default installation. No surprised the ISO file is of 2.5 GB in size. Well, we hope that you learn something new from this post and hope you enjoy Chapeau.