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How To Maintain Your Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers can give couples and families days and even weeks of enjoyment traveling around the country. If you want your RV to last you for any reasonable amount of time it is important that you regularly maintain it. Properly looking after your caravan can also mean that you receive the best price possible when you decide to sell it on and invest in a newer model. 

Before and after you embark on your trip, it's important that you perform a thorough inspection of the RV from top to bottom. Preventative maintenance is the only way to prevent water damage to your RV.   Because water damage is one of the most expensive repairs on an RV. 

Make sure that you check all appliances, as if they decide to stop working due to a short holiday could be brought to an untimely end. As motorhomes are quite heavy, the demand placed on its tyres is far more than that of any other vehicle. Make sure that you regularly check the tyre pressure and top up air levels when needed.

The sinks and showers will also need regular inspections to ensure that their pipes are intact and that there are no chances of leaks or cracks developing. Just to be safe, you should always carry hose clamps, spare washers and duct tape when traveling.