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Know More About Tadiran Lithium Batteries

Although the battery is a consumable, lithium-ion battery has no exception.  These charges do not exceed the standard indicators, but relatively large, especially when the battery capacity decline for some time after the charge current may be more than 1C.

Now laptop users charging regardless of the length of time it has become the target of manufacturers were forced to charge current set so high. You can check out for getting more information about lithium-ion batteries.

So the first step is to reduce the current cost. I have a friend who works in the laboratory, a variety of equipment is available, where the court at least. Output power at the first string on the resistance to try, the result is to reduce the current, but became intermittent charge; this is not a good thing. After repeated trials, 4 Ohm is a more ideal value; this time around 0.8A charge current is very stable.

Lithium-ion batteries are very precious, the good charge control circuit is necessary. In charging method, it can reduce the current cost, battery life, while the use of the original books charging circuit control cost, relatively easy to achieve, just buy a power plug (i.e., from the power supply to the book well, it is best to buy two, followed by mentioned methods are also used one for good quality) and a resistor on it, pay attention to a greater resistance of the head, after all, about 2W of power over If not, it would be more heat resistance, preferably in the constant resistance wire, the resistance of their own wire and this resistance is almost independent of temperature.