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LastSwab Aims To Be The Only Q-Tip You’ll Ever Need Again

Every day, more than a billion Q-tips are made. You can find thousands of them along beaches all over the globe. Although swabs made from paper sticks are biodegradable they can still be used as single-use products. Although it might seem that such products must be disposable for hygiene reasons, this is not always the case. LastSwab products can be rethought and made more eco-friendly without compromising their functionality.

Nonpolluting cotton sticksare used for a variety of cosmetic and hygienic purposes, including applying ointment to wounds or touch-up eye makeup. The LastSwab could help you contribute less plastic to the environment. It’s made of medical-grade silicone and can be washed repeatedly. The case even has a carry bag to make it easier to find.

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There are two styles of LastSwab: one for makeup application and one for cleaning. There are many colors available for each style. The makers of LastSwab say that paper, wood, and hemp cotton strips are also harmful. LastSwab can reduce the CO2 emissions caused by single-use cotton swabs’ production and transportation.

LastSwab’s case is biodegradable and its packaging is made from eco-friendly cardboard. The best part about the swab is that it can be used many thousands of times. Companies that make disposable products need to take full responsibility for their product’s entire life cycle in order to truly address the problem of pollution. Manufacturers have the power and resources to make large-scale changes that could change the way we think of trash.