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Mastering the Art of Designing a Promotional Calendar for Business

 Cleveland, QLD printers

Calendars work wonders for marketing as they are used the whole year long. However, selecting pictures and themes for every month can be a daunting task. While that’s the major challenge designers face, there’s a lot more than that in creating a good promotional calendar. Follow these tips to design a special one for your business.

  • Plan Monthly Calendar Themes: Whether you run a dental office, a restaurant, or any other business, selecting the theme is essential. First of all, understand your goals. Do you desire to reach new users or build a relationship with existing ones? Considering the same, you can plan a consistent theme for the calendar or use multiple goals for different months.
  • Select Holidays to Highlight: What holidays you observe and select also defines your goals. However, don’t select only those days that relate to your business. You should include some general ones too while staying constructive and avoid sounding like a salesperson.
  • Combine Themed Calendar with Marketing Ideas: Promotional items, rewards programs, and giveaways, among others, make users feel appreciated, valued, and special. It does not mean you have to spend a lot of money on your promotional products. You can pick certain months to promote deals and offers accordingly.
  • Coordinate Calendar Theme with Business Cycles: Every business comes with its slow and busy seasons. Understanding the lows and highs of your company will help plan the right timing for promotional events. For example, if the second quarter generates less income, add some April calendar ideas to your list while promoting related products.

Besides, you should also consider the quality of print and paper before getting it printed from printers in Cleveland, QLD to ensure the calendar lasts the desired time at the recipient’s place.