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Short Term Rentals In Melbourne: Apartments For Rent For Vacations

Temporary Housing means renting a house or apartment for a short period, whether for a vacation or a business trip. Short term rentals are becoming increasingly common nowadays, although they have existed for many years. You can also get the 4-star accommodation in Brunswick Melbourne.

As far back as the Sixties, many well-to-do families used to rent vacation homes as a matter of course. Whether in the mountains or by the sea, the whole household would relocate for a few weeks to a rented property, fully-furnished and equip with all mod cons.

In those days communications were limited, so the only way to find such apartments for rent was to know the owner directly, or through friends and relatives via word of mouth.

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Mass tourism began to gain ground as modes of transport evolved and more people became car-owners. Initially, people took summer and winter vacations only, but then year-round travel really took off, with art cities becoming a popular destination.

This inspired many homeowners to capitalize on the substantial demand for tourist accommodation by offering their own apartments for rent. The boom in the market led to companies being set up to professionally manage such short term rentals.

Many companies offering apartments for rent have gradually extended their offering. This is partly in response to the simultaneous boom in air transport and low-cost travel which has led to a larger potential client base.

Another key factor that has reshaped the playing field has been the development of the internet: it is a perfect "window display" which cuts out the middleman, travel agencies included.