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The Best Lotion For A New Tattoo

Additional care is essential so that your new tattoo heals quickly and looks good for years to come. Since fresh ink is essentially an open wound, the best lotions for new tattoos are gentle, odorless, and dye-free to provide a healthy dose of moisture without irritating damaged skin.

Ointments are thicker and richer than lotions, so they are recommended in the first few days after tattooing when the skin needs protection and calming the most. You can also look for the best after inked tattoo lotion via an online source.

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During this time, it is best to use whatever type of ointment the tattoo offers. However, with prolonged use, petroleum-based ointments can dry out the tattoo and prevent air from entering the "wound", slowing healing.

Here comes a lightweight lotion that provides the moisture your skin needs to recover without suffocating your new artwork with heavy ingredients. Keep in mind that spray formulas will last longer than regular lotions and can be especially useful for hard-to-reach tattoos.

There are also universal balms on this list that can be used on the first day of your tattoo and later. No matter what form your moisturizer takes, make sure it's designed for sensitive skin. Look for soothing ingredients like natural vegetable oils and highly hydrating glycerin, which can prevent a new tattoo from drying out.

All of these lotions have been tested for old and new inks by tattoo lovers on the website. And don't forget: once your ink is completely cured, you should start applying sunscreen to keep your tattoo bright.