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Know About Anna Maria Island

If you're looking for the perfect beach getaway, Anna Maria Island Florida may be the place for you. The island is located in the Gulf of Mexico south of Tampa Bay. While other Florida destinations have advertised enough to bring their names to the forefront of travel discussions, those who have explored the country as a whole has consistently argued that Anna Maria Island has the best beaches in Florida, if not the world.

Anna Maria Island is also famous for bird sanctuary and wildlife. You can easily find sea turtles and Manatees on the beach. While one coast of this island, one can see the beautiful dolphins in the ocean. Hawks, wild parrots, vultures, gulls, sand pipers, cranes and herons are also birds that can be easily seen in different locations on the island. You can check out anna maria beach resort at

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Cortez Bridge wood is also one place where you can see many types of fish. If you want to see all the important places and amazing wildlife of the island, getting the type of Anna Maria Island rental that offer you packages for traveling and enjoying this place.

Anna Maria Island sunset is famous around the world. Every night people gather on the beach to pay tribute to the end of the day as the sun paints an original portrait of reds and blues and oranges across the big canvass sky.