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How Is Antenatal Care Treatment Done?

Antenatal or Prenatal care includes a physical exam, blood tests, conversation to consider lifestyle to adapt, leaving the knowledge of health care providers about your menstrual cycle and your full gynecological history, any pregnancy in the past, prescription medication and nonprescription against what the mother is taking, information on alcohol, tobacco and caffeine consumption.

During prenatal care, the wellness care provider also defines the date of delivery is done using fetal ultrasonography and a simple calculation based on your last menstrual cycle. Determining the delivery date due is important for both the mother and the health care provider.

antenatal care services

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The monitor's health care providers to the baby's growth, the progress of the pregnancy, and tests that must be done during pregnancy.

During this phase, the health care professional will determine the BMI of mothers in terms of its size and weight. Determining BMI is important to guide the mother on the weight required during certain phases of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the health care provider also examines changes in the cervix and uterus size to confirm the stage of pregnancy. Laboratory tests that are recommended during pregnancy to check the blood type, hemoglobin measurement, immunity control to a particular type of infection and detect if there has been exposed to certain infections.

Control of blood type would help resolve the Rhesus factor because if it is negative and the father is positive, it must be special attention. measurement of hemoglobin in the blood is important because it is the blood by which the fetus receives the nutrition of the mother.