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For Demolishing a Structure, these are the most Popular Tools used

contractors in Newcastle demolition

Demolishing a structure is never an easy nor straight-forward process. At the time of demolition, danger is involved along with complications that can arise at any given time. Demolition of a structure depend mainly on heavy machines however contractor cannot depend on the machines all the time. There are tools that are used for which the machines cannot do. Wondering what those tools are, these are a few.

  1. Pry Bars – S-shaped and flat pry bar would be the 2 types of pry bars used. The s-shaped pry bar is responsible for pulling the framing wood of the interior. While the flat pry bar is used to remove the remaining elements by getting into the tighter spots which isn’t possible with the S-shaped pry bar.
  2. San Angelo Bar – San Angelo Bars are different compared to the Pry Bars. This bar is heavier and also comes in the shape of a spear. The San Angelo Bar is used to remove stiff floor tiles with ease due to its weight. Height-wise, this bar stands at 185cms.
  3. Screwdrivers – Even after a structure is demolished, delicate work is still involved and required to be done in a careful manner. Screwdrivers instead of sledge hammers are used in order to avoid causing damage to water lines, gas lines, cables etc. Using a sledge hammer can damage which can only complicate things with workers also facing the change of getting into dangerous situations.

Therefore, for demolishing a structure consider hiring the best and professional demolition contractors in Newcastle area.