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Dry Eye Therapy Solutions In Toronto

Dry eyes are a serious and growing concern for millions of individuals. The eye has to be bathed at a continuous flow of a tear film which includes several components. The aqueous component can be actually a blend of proteins, mucin, and electrolytes. 

In eyes that are dry, there will be a decreased concentration of proteins in many cases. The water-soluble region of the mucin also tends to be in much lower concentrations also. You can consult Dr. D’Orio + Associates Eye Care for dry eye therapy solutions


These deficiencies tend to promote inflammation and hamper the firmness of their eye. Electrolytes tend to grow volume also, which furthers the dry eye problem. Since dry eye symptoms might be varied, the problem is often underdiagnosed.

Diagnosis based on outward symptoms comprises dry, discomfort, sandy feelings, burning off, light sensitivity, and blurry vision. Important testing to validate the disease includes investigation of the tear film and cornea with Lissamine green and Rose Bengel, Fluorescein staining, Schirmer tests, split meniscus, and Corneal staining. 

The process is simple. Irritation triggers inflammation which is accompanied closely by tear deficiency and instability. Therapeutic goals involve increasing tear production, and also the quality/components of the tear film. 

To this end, step one would be the use of artificial tears. They are available in a variety of formulas beginning with basic low-viscosity drops, and also extending into thicker Gel drops. The thicker the drop the greater it ensures both the corneal surface. 

In summary, dry eyes are a common, and chronic condition which needs aggressive treatment as a way to prevent long-term damage to a person's eye, and improves patient comfort.