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Benefits Of EEA Law

From the beginning, the goal of European Community law is to integrate the citizens and especially the family members of citizens of the union.

You can get UK EEA family permit to visit your family via 121 immigration lawyers. The most fundamental for citizens of the European Community or the European Union depends on what aspects of the legal community to focus on dealing with freedom of movement between member countries and access to services.

This is the legal aspect of society that has experienced the most evolution. Take the example of the French national married to a national (non-EEA members) Colombian who arrived in the UK and the desire to gain access to public benefits.

UK Immigration will initially put requirements on a national Columbian gain entry to the UK for a particular purpose of individual visits either as general or family visitor, worker or job category or as a couple for the national UK.

However, the European Community law recognizes not only the freedom of movement of citizens of member countries but also those of certain categories of family members including spouses, dependent children, parents, and other family members.

In the case of family members, EEA family permits issued to certain family members, a permit is a document similar to the entry that has been given the name "EEA family permit" to distinguish it from the visa or entry permit issued under the immigration rules.