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All About An Eye Doctor

One of the most common areas people ignore when it comes to maintaining health is their vision. It is highly recommended by an eye specialist in North York that everyone has an annual eye exam that is done to evaluate the overall health of their eyes. It also determines the quality of their vision.Depending on the reason for the visit to the eye doctor, the patient can see one of the two types of licensed eye care professionals.

Common types are mostly ophthalmologists are Optometrist (OD). Most people will see an ophthalmologist for getting their vision examined. 

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Licensed optometrists are trained ophthalmologists who have successfully completed four years of post-graduate study at a certified School of Optometry. After completing post-graduate studies they are given the license by the state in which they choose to practice throughout their careers. They are required to complete continuing education credits each year to maintain their license.

One of the most common operations that many ophthalmologists perform is a very popular and successful surgery known as Lasik Eye Surgery. During this operation, the ophthalmologist uses a laser and a sharp knife to reshape the eye and correct bad vision so that patients no longer have to wear contacts or glasses.

Unfortunately, this procedure is not available to every patient because there are certain criteria that the patient's eye condition must meet to be eligible for the procedure to be effective. Another common reason many people do not get Lasik Eye Surgery is that in many cases surgery is not insured because they considered it to be "elective" surgery. While operating costs have come down dramatically over the past few years but it still requires an investment of thousands of dollars.