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Learn More Ways To Avoid Thumb Sucking

Many young children suck their thumbs to calm themselves. It is a relaxing activity and every time they go to bed or get angry they will start to suck your thumb or finger. At an early age this is unacceptable activities. It is harmless and can be good for them.

While that is all fine and well most parents wonder when a child should stop sucking thumb. Most professionals used to believe that as long as children stopped sucking their thumbs before their permanent teeth started coming in no harm would be done. You can also buy thumb sucking guard for thumb sucking precaution by visiting Amazon Canada website.

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This has been proven incorrect. It has been proven that if children continue to suck their thumbs as early as between 2 and 4 years old they can cause permanent damage to their jaw tissue and the way their teeth grow in.

Try to limit the time a child sucks their thumb. Tell them that it is a bedtime activity or an activity for their bedroom. Your goal here is to cut down on the time that they suck on their fingers. It will make it easier for them to drop the habit altogether.

It is important to keep your advice from becoming a confrontation. Don't tell them that they cannot suck on their thumb at all. Praise him when he is not sucking on his thumb and avoid criticizing when he is. This will help keep him from feeling like he needs to fight you for control.