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Get Flash Programmers For Maxim Integrated’s MCUs

For high-speed NAND, eMMC, NOR Flash, and MCU programming single and multi-socket adapters are available on selected programmers.


  • Flash Programmer supports all types of Flash memory devices from 8 pins to large TSOP, FBGA devices. If you are looking for the best flash programmers for maxim integrated MCUs then you can get the best at

  • Supports JTAG, and SWD communication.

  • Up to 64 programmers can be connected over USB to one PC.

  • Windows(TM) XP, 7, 8, 10, and Debian Linux support for x86_64(amd64) and armhf architectures. Runs on Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi One.

  • Easy to use GUI allows the user to configure all necessary options with ease (Windows only).

  • Extensive Memory options including select erase, program, verify. Select flash data can be retained across programming sequences.

  • Supports full/segment erase, blank check, write and verify of code using one Auto Program function or separate functions for easy customization.

  • Programs high-density Flash memory devices at near theoretical minimum programming times.

  • Power Consumption monitor feature: current measurement sensitivity to 20uA on XStream-Iso, and 50nA on XStreamPro-Iso adapters.   

  • Flash Programmers are USB interfaced single-socket universal or ISP programmers each supporting a different range of devices.

It Includes:

  • Shared library and Command-Line support (Debian Linux).
  • DLL and Command-Line support (Windows).
  • C++ and C# code examples were provided.
  • FCC and CE certified.