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Plastic – Free Tea Bags

 Have you ever thought about the amount of waste you generate when you drink your tea in the afternoon? This is, of course, assuming you use a teabag.

However, the thing is that even small things count. People often forget little things like tea bags, but in the end, all these tea bags generate a lot of waste! Of course, your newspaper is bigger, but you probably recycle, right? Can you "recycle" a teabag?  No, but you can use it in your garden; you can use natural hemp tea in the UK in your daily routine. 

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Environmentally friendly Tea Bag tips:

· Instead of throwing away the old tea bags, why not put them in your compost container? The nutrients in tea are good additions to your future fertilizer, and most common tea bags are biodegradable. They will add acidity to your compost.

· Check tea bags that do not use unnecessary chains or labels. The Republic of Tea is made of unbleached tea bags, environmentally friendly, without staples, labels or chains.

· Unbleached option uses organic tea and abaca pulp for your unbleached tea bags. They also use 100 percent unbleached cotton warp. Even the tea bag sachet that is packaged in an organic tea selection is organic.

· If you don't want to buy a metal diffuser, you can enjoy a hemp tea bag. A hemp tea bag can be used repeatedly. There are also coffee hemp filters available that can also be used several times.

 Teabags can do anything meat tenderness to stop bleeding gums. They can be used to remove polished furniture, plant a lawn, treat scrapes and more.

However, once again, the key to reducing waste begins first with the purchase of organic teabags. Then add them to your compost or find another use for them.