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All You Need To Know About Hot Shoe Cover

If you have a camera with a hot shoe, consider getting a hot shoe cover. This tiny, inexpensive accessory provides benefits for both the camera and the user. When fitted correctly, a hot shoe cover protects the hot shoe contacts from dust and moisture, the main contributor to the corrosive effects of elements.

It also prevents them from becoming scratched. In addition, the hot shoe frame will be protected from bending in the event of abrupt contact with a solid object. To know more about the benefits of hot-shoe cover, you can navigate to

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A side benefit is that a hot shoe cover prevents snagging when the camera is pulled in and out of a pocket or pouch. It’s important to note that some hot shoe covers can disable the built-in flash, such as cameras that have a microswitch under one of the hot shoe rails. Putting anything like a Nikon cover on a Canon hot shoe will disable flash, not to mention it will not fit correctly.

Covers designed for Canon models won’t fit Panasonic or Leica cameras and vice versa. Each camera needs a cover specifically designed for it.

Similarly, you cannot use custom covers with any other camera than the one specified. Each is tailor-made for a given camera model to assure perfect fit and function.