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Which Wooden Wardrobe Is Right For Your Home?

When it comes to finding wooden wardrobes for your home, the first two questions to ask are equally important: what size dress are you looking for and what kind of wood do you want.

The size difference between each will increase proportionally; For example, a double is twice the size of a single and a triple is three times the size of a single, with each model having the same number of doors. You can also check for the best built wardrobes in Sydney via the web.

Customized Wardrobes

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For most people who share a bedroom, a double wardrobe will suffice, but with a triple wardrobe, the extra space can eliminate the need for additional furniture such as a chest of drawers.

The single size is easier to find than the other 2 sizes and is usually used in a nursery or in rooms with limited space. Unlike double and triple cabinets, single models rarely contain drawers.

The two larger sizes are available with several drawer combinations, regardless of the type of wood. In most cases, the drawers are full or half their length, with some of the larger three-tier cabinets offering up to 8 separate drawers.

If you already have or are looking to purchase a wardrobe, buying a chest of drawers can save you money, as models with built-in drawers are usually more expensive than models without drawers.

Once the size is determined and whether or not a drawer is needed, it is time to determine which wood is the best.