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Key Factors to Consider When Implementing E-learning

E-learning is all about learning. Every type of learning takes place with a focus steady on the needs and aptitudes of learners. The enabler for online learning is technology. Here are a few factors to consider. If you’re looking for more information about instructional designers and eLearning developers check this out.

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1. Choosing the right Learning Management System

Choosing the right Learning Management System for your e-Learning program can be a daunting task with dozens of systems with varying functionalities to choose from. 

To simplify things a little, in selecting the right LMS, generally, you can either choose a proprietary system backed by a corporate entity or an open-source system backed by a volunteer community of developers.

2. Deciding between hosting your LMS in-house or through an e-Learning services partner

Regardless of if you're choosing a proprietary system or an Open-source system one important consideration is hosting.

Simply put, if you host in-house you generally have more direct control of your LMS. This means you can move it and upgrade it anytime by your usage levels and growth needs without necessarily asking someone else to do it. 

In-house hosting could be quite expensive as you will need knowledgeable IT personnel on staff that understands the LMS system and can install, configure, update, backs up data, and proactively troubleshoot it when things go wrong. 

Another important consideration to remember is that if you host your LMS in-house, you also have to take into account costs associated with hardware upgrades and replacing obsolete server equipment when you need to expand your infrastructure.