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Know More About Male Infertility and Treatments

Usually pregnancy comes within one year of unprotected relation, but still if women fail to become pregnant, the couple should see a doctor. Sperms are released when a man ejaculates, fertilized egg to make a woman pregnant.

Typically 400 million sperms are contained in the semen that the male ejaculates. 15-20 million sperm is healthy enough to support fertilization. You can check iui for male infertility at

Clinically tested Male infertility treatments -- Male Enhancement

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All attempts of sperm ended with explosives procedure called sperm capacitation when one drills a hole in the outer layer of the egg, and reached inside, fertilizing the egg and allow a woman to become pregnant.

Treatment for Male Infertility

1. Doctor may prescribe certain medicines like mesterolone, tamoxifen, clomiphene citrate to improve the seminal quality of the infertile male. Even gonadotropin injections may be suggested for the same purpose.

2. One may also opt for surgical treatment. Microsurgery is a way to treat male infertility due to hindrances in the sperm conduction pathway, varicoceles, undescended testes etc.

4. Alternative treatment includes use of herbs to cure infertility in males. Herbs like Asian ginseng, Siberian ginseng, astragalus and pumpkin seeds help in curing infertility by boosting sperm production, increasing sperm motility in males. You can get more information about it via various online resources.