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Importance Of Oral Care For Kids In Kapolei

Practice makes it possible to develop good habits.  As your child grows up, it is possible for him or her to lose his or her baby or primary teeth. As a parent, it is important to inform your child about the importance of a healthy and strong oral cavity.

After the primary teeth have been removed, toddlers can now have permanent or adult teeth that will last throughout their lives. You can also consult with the Kapolei pediatric dental team who will provide you with excellent patient care.

Twelve permanent molars will replace the 20 primary teeth. The permanent premolars, or bicuspids, will replace the primary molars.  The permanent counterparts to canines and incisors will replace them all. 

The permanent teeth will all be in place by the time the child turns 13. Although the wisdom teeth will likely appear in adulthood around 17-21 years of age, some children may not have them due to lack of space. Wisdom teeth can sometimes be removed because of their position through the gums.

Both the parent and child need to develop a good habit of maintaining good dental hygiene. Parents should make it a routine to remind their children about the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth. 

Make it a habit for your child to brush his teeth twice daily, use fluoride toothpaste and apply calcium-rich toothpaste to clean the cavities. It is possible that dental hygiene will become a daily habit for the child as the child grows up.