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Scuba Diving At Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote is your very first Cenote we dived when we came to Tulum. We were amazed by these new surroundings but loved playing between the various layers of water and seeing the underwater life growing in the mangrove.

Casa Cenote is filled with surprises and is not precisely the same every time. It is a simple nice dip to encounter for the very first time in the cavern environment. We adore  casa cenoteand are certain you will too once you choose to come for diving.

casa cenote diving

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Many Things To Watch

Casa Cenote is a gorgeous spot to explore the special characteristics of a Cenote. It's a component of an underground river system that flows into the sea. It is quite near the shore that means that plenty of very particular things occur here. 

Many fish and other marine creatures come in to lay their eggs. A number of these offspring have remained and made the Cenote their dwelling. We can often observe a halocline that's a saltwater ocean level of water that rests under a freshwater layer over. Occasionally the shifting tides in the sea sucks in water that generates stunning visual results. 

The Cavern Zone

  • The Cavern place at Casa Cenote is an excellent place to become familiar with the overhead environment.
  • It runs only to the side of this open water so we're firmly near the open water at any time.
  • Looking from the cavern were greeted with the most amazing light display.
  • An extreme blue and green backdrop is adorned with arches of the ground the origins of the mangroves get right down from.
  • Photosynthesis causes little oxygen bubbles to rise from the underside and beams of sun appear to dance from above.