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Domestic Violence Attorney In California

Domestic violence is an awful crime to be accused of. There is a strong sentiment against abusers, and the punishments can be extremely significant.

One thing that is important to remember is that while instances of violence are crimes, there is no specific set of laws setting them aside as special crimes. Instead, they are classified as other crimes, such as assault, disobedience of the court, kidnapping and so forth. You can hire the best and experienced domestic violence attorney in California.

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Even so, the sympathies of a judge or jury often depend on the nature of the crime, and there is little sympathy for defendants accused of these crimes. This is where a smart, experienced lawyer who has worked on both sides of the justice system can find advantages to a client’s situation.

In one case, the client was responsible for multiple instances of domestic violence. Repeat offenders obviously have a tougher time with their cases in the justice system. In specific, the client had twice attacked his girlfriend, failed to attend a court appearance, and then breached the conditions of his release for these incidents by threatening his girlfriend.

Several of these offenses are punishable on summary conviction. Assault alone carries a sentence of up to five years’ time, and failure to attend court carries two years of jail time. While it is unlikely for a judge to order all these to be served consecutively, the combination of offenses made it more likely the maximum punishment would be imposed.