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The Latest And Greatest Training: Meeting Facilitation

Meeting facilitation is the process of guiding a meeting along in an organized and collaborative way. This training workshop will teach you how to analyze what keeps your meetings from flowing well, and how to encourage comfortable interactions among your peers.

Meeting facilitation training can be one of the most important things you do as a meeting leader. Here are some tips on how to do it well:

1. Build a good agenda. This is key because it will help to focus the discussion and keep everyone on track. Be sure to include topics that are important to all participants and avoid bringing up topics that only affect a few people.

meeting facilitation training

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2. Make sure your materials are ready and available. You'll likely need paper copies of the agenda, materials related to the topic under discussion, and any updates or additions to the agenda. If you're using digital materials, make sure they're accessible during the meeting.

3. Plan for break time. It's important not only to stay organized during the meeting but also to give participants a chance to relax and get some air. Have enough chairs available so everyone has a place to sit and snacks or drinks if desired.

4. Take care of yourself first. Meeting facilitation isn't easy – it's an intense job that requires lots of focus and energy. Make sure you're properly rested and hydrated before each meeting so you can give your best performance.