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Tracking Your Social Media Usage

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for spreading the word about your business, and tracking its usage can help you optimize your efforts. Here are some tools to help you keep tabs on your social media activity.

1. Hootsuite: A social media management platform that enables users to track all of their social media accounts in one place. It offers extensive analytics that can help you see where your posts are getting the most engagement, which channels are performing best, and which keywords are driving traffic to your website. You can avail the benefits of social media usage app via

2. BuzzSumo: A tool that helps you discover trends in social media content by analyzing billions of data points. This information can help you identify topics that are popular with your target audience and find new ways to promote your content.

3. Google Analytics: One of the most widely used analytic tools on the web, Google Analytics lets you see how people are interacting with your website and blog posts, as well as how they're using key marketing keywords across all of your sites. This information can help you adjust your strategy accordingly.

4. SocialBee: A social media management tool that helps businesses automate their social media posts and track the performance of each individual post across all of their social media accounts.

5. BuzzSumo: Another tool that can help you identify topics and keywords your target audience is already interested in, Buzzsumo will also help you analyze the top performing posts for those topics on your competitors' websites.