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The Benefit of Solar Power Over Electricity

There are several priorities of transformation and the use of solar energy. The first is the transformation of solar energy into heat and using it for building heating, air conditioning, heating or water distillation. You can find more information about Solar to fuel conversion online. 

The basis of such heat energy generator is the best solar collector that allows converting solar energy to thermal energy at a temperature of 160-180 F. It looks like a metal frame with a special pipe or the box-like device that let air pass the air, water or special liquid. This collector is inserted into the heat insulating cover, with the exception of working parts are worn sunlight.

A 9 ft. Sqr. collectors provide up to 20 gallons of hot water (150-170 F) per day. This solar water heating have many perspectives to be used in remote desert areas or in areas with a large number of sunny days. The main cost of the hot water produced by solar heating is much lower than the one generated by an electric boiler or gas boiler. It does not require any fuel and does not pollute the environment. So the advantages of using solar water heaters are clear.

The second priority use of solar energy is transformed into electricity. If to cover with a thin silicon crystal, purely for a light layer of metal, of the photon stream, as it passes through the metal layer, will release free electrons from the silicon crystal. Those electrons will begin to concentrate on the metal layer.

This will cause a potential difference between crystal and metal layers. If thousands of these crystals connect in series or parallel (to increase the voltage and current), we will get a solar battery that generates direct current.