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Guidelines for LED Light Technology

LED technology uses semiconductor materials. An PN junction must be formed to create the indicator. Such a junction has a rectifying behavior (Diodic), which means that the current flows much more easily in one direction than the other. The semiconductor material used in LEDs must have a direct gap band. 

Direct-band semiconductors can generate light when the junction is subjected to a front bias. When the bias is applied, photons are released. The color emitted of light depends on the energy gap of the semiconductor; Therefore, the color of the LED depends on the material used to conceive it.

Nowadays, LED lights can be applied everywhere and they are able to replace all types of lighting. There is a wide variety of LED products, such as bulbs, projectors, LED strips, LED tubes and many others.

There is always something suitable for an occasion and they also come in a variety of colors, such as red, green, blue and white. The combination of colors can create a mood and different feelings in a space.

LED lights have many advantages. The main advantage of LEDs is the reduction of energy. Passing to LED technology, the electricity bill is reduced by more than 75%. In addition, they have a long life.