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Ensure Safety of Your Home with Tilt and Turn Windows

Modern living is now a way of life. Tilt and turn windows offer modern living. It is designed to be sensitive to the climate and UV-resistant, giving you peace of mind at every turn. These windows are strategically placed to provide adequate ventilation and allow for easy cleaning. 

The secure lock system ensures that children are protected at home. It seals tightly with multi-locking systems. It offers excellent noise reduction and weather protection. Tilt and turn windows are popular with families with children due to their safety features.

Tilt and turn windows

These windows are easy to operate. The handle can be used to tilt, turn and open or close the windows. When the window is closed, it locks when the handle is in the down position. The handle can be tilted horizontally at 90° to clean exteriors. This allows for fresh and cool air to circulate inside, helping to maintain a comfortable body temperature and a pleasant room environment. 

These windows provide thermal insulation by reducing noise and draught penetration and preventing water intrusion during rainy periods.

These windows are resistant to corrosion and won't rot, corrode, or fade in coastal and industrial environments. These windows and doors can be double-glazed. They also have UV protection to protect against the harmful effects of the Sun. 

These windows are fireproof and can be purchased after passing safety tests. A tilt for ventilation will keep you cool in summer. Swinging back allows for easy access to canopies, verandas, and desks.

The services of window installers are available at your door. These windows can be added to your home at a lower cost. These windows are lightweight and simple to install. They are very easy to install and require little maintenance. It is your turn to choose and decide your lifestyle.