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An Introduction To Stretch Wrapping Films And Tools

Stretch wrap or stretch film is highly expandable plastic sheets that can wrap around the stacked pallets, crates, large cardboard boxes, or anything that needs to be securely sealed.

In the shipping industry and packaging, stretch films are used throughout to combine many of the items for shipment. Packaging companies most often use spiral automatic turntable machines.

As a pallet or crate rest on the turntable spinning, stretch wrapping machine feeds the film to the load when moving up and down, creating a series of overlapping wraps up and down the side of the wrapped item. You can easily get the high-quality stretch wrap for furniture online.

For high volume production, operation of non-conveyor using a dual turntable stretch wrapping. There are other types of stretch wrapping and stretch wrapping machine, which will be described later in this article.

The most common material used in the stretch film is LLDPE or linear low-density polyethylene, which has two manufacturing methods: blowing (air-cooled) and cast (the film is passed through cooling rollers).

But what makes this important material is the resistance to tear and damage, its cling factor, clarity, and static discharge which allows the product to perform the functions of the previous packaging: 1. improve the stability of the package; 2. The handling and storage efficient package; 3. protect it from dust and humidity; and 4. to avoid interference or theft products.