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The Pool Cover Pump – Your Solid Pool Cover’s Best Friend

If you have used a solid pool cover before you know that one of the biggest drawbacks is the pool that can collect from rain and melting snow and ice. 

Add falling leaves, seeds and twigs and dirt and pollution is blown in and you have a foul smell good mess of unsightly and unsafe. You can also look for best solar cover for inground pool via

But there is a simple device that can eliminate the clutter, smells and danger: swimming pool cover pump. What exactly is a swimming pool cover pump and how does it work? Let's explore a little.

What is a pool cover pump?

A swimming pool cover pump is a submersible pump, or sump pump, which sits on top of your winter cover. Usually have a high impact, UV and cold-resistant, non-metallic housing with an adapter for garden hose connection. 

It comes in both manual and automatic models. Automated generally has a broad base or stand you can attach the assist pump to stay upright on your cover. It will usually have a power cable length, from 18 to 25 feet.

How does it work?

That is easy. All you have to do is attach a garden hose to your pump, put it on top of the pool cover and turn it on. W

ater pump will suck up and deliver it to wherever the end of your garden hose. When the cover is dry, turn off the pump.

An automatic pump is even simpler. You put him on the cover of your pool with a hose attached and just left. When water accumulates on the cover, the pump will change by itself, eliminating the water and turn itself off.

Whether you use a manual or automatic pump, you must be sure to remove any solid debris such as leaves and twigs so that the pump is not clogged.