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The Topeak Rack And Trunk Bag System For Bicycles

The Topeak rack and trunk bag system offers cyclists a simple yet effective way to transport items on their bicycles. If you've been using your bike to ride around town, but wish you had a way to carry more stuff with you, the Topeak trunk bag along with the Topeak explorer rack may be a good solution for you. TailHappyTV published a video this week giving a thorough Topeak trunk bag review along with the Topeak rack that comes with the system. The entire system will cost you less than $100 and it will vastly expand the usefulness of your bicycle.

If you want to be able to carry around some extra clothing, or drinks, or be able to run to the grocery store to get food the Topeak rack and trunk bag system will serve you well. Without some sort of convenient way to carry stuff, it is a real hassle to transport items on a bicycle. Perhaps the best thing about the Topeak rack and bag system is the quick track rack that allows you to take the bag off easily. This way you can ride light when you want to, or load it up with the things you need when you want to go on a longer ride where you need to carry stuff. You can learn more about the Topeak rack and trunk bag system in the review posted on TailHappyTV.