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Spot & Cure Dog Behaviorist Separation Anxiety

Even dogs can feel abandoned and sad if they are left alone, while their family and friends go to work and school. Dogs, especially puppies, can feel anxious when they are left alone. Puppies feel more secure when their mothers provide food and their fathers are there to protect them.

Dogs can form an attachment to their owners when they are given to them. Sometimes, however, they may show signs of distress when left alone. Dog behaviorist separation anxiety is a reaction where the dog may become restless, or even destructive. 


Dogs who aren't allowed to socialize with other dogs or humans more often develop separation anxiety. If your dog has just survived a trauma such as a fire or a burglary, you may see signs of separation anxiety. 

You may notice any of these signs in your dog, which could indicate that it is suffering from dog separation anxiety.

1. He will be restless when he sees that you are getting ready to leave the home

2. excessive barking when he is left alone

3. It is too exciting to return home.

4. Uncontrollable chewing of furniture and other household objects

5. Vomiting, urinating or defecating in various areas of the house.

You should immediately consult your veterinarian if you notice any of these symptoms. They may be able to suggest treatment options for separation anxiety. You may be able to give your dog medication that will ease his anxiety. 

You can help your dog by doing a few things. You can help your dog by keeping your exits and return times on time so that he is familiar with a routine. Also, leave a radio on while you're away so that he feels like he has company. 

You could also give him toys to play with while you're away. With proper attention, separation anxiety can be managed. If necessary, seek professional assistance to help your dog become the happy, loyal friend he once was.