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Tummy Tuck Surgery Types

A tummy tuck – known in medicine as an abdominoplasty – is a surgical procedure that removes excess loose skin, removes fat deposits, and tightens the abdominal muscles. 

There are different types of abdominal surgery and each one is designed to address a specific problem facing the patient. Here we will discuss some of the important factors associated with surgery including its types. You can get any type of tummy tuck surgery done via the top tummy tuck surgery in Dallas TX.

Types of stomach surgery

There are different types of abdominal surgeries and plastic surgeons will help patients choose the most suitable for their needs and goals. These types are discussed below.

Traditional tummy tuck

It involves a longer incision and requires more recovery time. To perform this surgery, two incisions are made – the first is a long horizontal incision made from thigh to thigh while the other is made in the navel area. This targets the patient's entire abdomen and also involves creating a new belly button.

small belly

This procedure is also called a partial abdominoplasty and is intended for patients who only want changes to the lower abdomen. This procedure makes small incisions to remove skin and fat and does not involve creating a new belly button. The results of a partial tummy tuck are less dramatic but require less recovery time.

Endoscopic abdomen

This type of tummy tuck is suitable for people who have little belly fat, weak muscles, and no loose or sagging skin. This change monitoring procedure uses a tiny camera attached to a small tube that is inserted through a very small incision. This procedure causes minimal scarring because the incisions are very small.

You can get any of these surgeries according to your body's requirements.