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A Look At The Different Types of Funeral Urns

Due to the constant rise in the cost of burials increasing numbers of people are opting to have their loved ones who have passed away loved ones cremated in lieu. After you've buried your loved one, you'll need to think about what kind of cremation urn you are going to purchase to put the cremated remains in. There are several websites such as that provide urns online.

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Funeral Urns in a variety of styles

A memento urn is a small-sized funeral urn that is used to disperse the ashes of the departed from the entire family unit. This can help avoid any disputes that might be triggered when it comes time to debate who is entitled to an urn for ashes that is a single one that is common in larger families. 

A companion urn is a vase that is meant for couples to share to be still together after the death of one. It has two sections to store the bodies of the two individuals However, some companion urns only have one part in order that the ashes can be kept together.

An infant urn can be described as a small Urn that is generally themed around youngsters and features items that they can relate to. Urns can be constructed in a range of colors. The names of children could be added along with their birth date and date of death as well. It is also possible to have a photograph of the child placed on the urn to serve as a permanent memory of them.