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A Complete Guide About Centre Pivot Irrigation

The center pivot system was developed within the United States in the middle of the 20th century. They proved to be superior to conventional methods of irrigation. They required a lesser amount of water, yet despite that, their energy consumption was much higher due to their method of operation.

How does a Center Pivot Irrigation System Works:

Center pivot irrigation was created to sprinkle water on crop plants using a circular fashion by using a movable and swinging arm that is attached to a pivot. These systems consisted of a radial pipe with nozzles pre-spaced to spread the water. As the arm moves around its central pivot point water is pumped through the nozzles in order to water the crops in a circular manner. However, there are so many online platforms where you can find a lot of valley center pivots for sale.

Center Pivot Irrigation

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The layout is designed so that sprinklers located closer toward the pivot points and thus cover less ground space also have a lower flow rate than the nozzles located to the left of the pipe. These require a substantially higher stream rate in order to fill a greater surface.

Benefits Of Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems:

For large amounts of land that are used for agriculture pivot systems are the most effective method of irrigation. This type of system provides water to an enormous area in a short amount of time and also aids in spreading fertilizers as well as pesticides. The benefits of these systems are:

Apply the irrigation in a consistent manner

Reduce the demand for human labor

Use lower pressures to save energy

Reduce the risk of water run-off through more efficient use of water

The system can be programmed to let you irrigate your lawn on a predetermined time frame