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Chinese Cooking – Who Are The Cooking Experts?

Chinese cooking schools are classified into four types depending on the region. They are west, east, south, and north. Everyone is different and unique from the others.

The eastern region of Chinese cuisine is also called heaven on earth. There is another name that refers to the land of rice and fish. You can also order chinese snacks online.


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The most popular cooking style in the eastern region is red cuisine. This type of red cooking involves very little moisture to cook and is usually a slow process. In other words, it was called suffocation.

The western Chinese school of cuisine is widely recognized as a land of abundance. This cooking area is the spiciest of all. The food cooked in this region is the hottest and always tingling on the tongue. 

Cooking styles are generally different, combining all sorts of flavors such as sweet, salty, sour, and adding some spiciness to the dish. Spices and flavorings are produced in this cooking region.

Southern cuisine has its way. It combines Cantonese cuisine with the addition of western elements at the same time. In general, Cantonese cuisine is considered a method that originated in a foreign world and was then introduced to the region. 

Chinese cooks also need to store certain foods in the cupboard according to their method. Chili sauce or paste, black vinegar, black sesame oil, black or fermented black beans, dried Chinese mushrooms, dried chilies, ginger, rice wine, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, and plum sauce. 

Black vinegar is usually lighter in color and slightly sweeter than western vinegar, Chinese mushrooms are black mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms.