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Adventure Trip Wilsons Promontory in Australia

This area has been home to the original aborigines for nearly seven thousand years. Wilsons Promontory was sacred to them and was protected. George Bass, the first European to visit this area, saw it as a potential source of income for him. You can also search online to plan a Wilsons prom day tour via

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Bass brought men to kill seals, and he didn't care about their deaths. Bass was interested in the land and not the fortune. This is no longer the case. This is the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and all that nature has to offer. It is affectionately known as The Prom because of the multitude of natural delights that await.

Because it is the largest coastline wilderness, it is a sanctuary for nature lovers and nature lovers. It is a popular spot for hundreds of people each year. Because they are scarce and highly sought after, those who know the area make plans years in advance.

Only one town, or hamlet, is located on the promontory. It is a small group that includes a cafe, fish and chips store, grocer, and outdoor movie site. This caters to almost 500 campsites on the island. These spots are extremely sought-after and highly prized. People queue for hours to see the outdoor movie, which has been going on since the 1940s.