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The Benefits and Risks of Chin Augmentation Surgery Using Implants

Chin augmentation with implants, also known as medical mentoplasty, is usually performed to obtain a clearer profile of the chin and jawline, which can often drastically improve a recessive chin or sometimes a very round facial appearance.

Chin implants can improve the contour of your face and balance your face, making the chin much more proportionate to other facial features. You can also look for chin lift solutions in Winnipeg.

This type of procedure can be performed in conjunction with additional procedures such as a face lift or cheek lift. This is especially often combined with reshaping the nose, as a chin that is the right size helps to balance the strength of the nose.

This procedure, which is safe to perform on anyone who is seventeen or eighteen years of age, can slightly improve your appearance from the front. However, like cosmetic nose surgery, the main goal is to improve the profile.

Chin augmentation with implants is the preferred operation for the majority of patients with normal functioning teeth and jaws. However, there is a special operation called a sliding genioplasty.

Chin augmentation with implants should be a fairly simple and straightforward medical technique. This procedure is usually performed by making a small incision in the mouth where the lower lip (preferably) meets the tooth, or in the small crease under the chin. A small pocket the right size for the implant is made directly into the bone to stop the implant from moving or moving.