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Tips For Replacing Your Bathroom Caulking

Changing the seal on your bath or shower can brighten up your bathroom at a very affordable cost. Check the seals around your shower or tub to see if they have darkened with mildew. 

If so, it is time to replace the old seal with a new, fresh one. The main purpose of waterproofing is to protect your walls from water damage, but also to improve the appearance of your bathroom. You can navigate this website if you want to know more about caulking services.

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Choose a seal that's formulated for the shower and is mildew resistant. Don't buy exterior sealants because they don't hold up well in the bathroom. 

When you buy a gasket, you are not buying the cheapest gasket you can find. Quality seals have a good moisture barrier and last longer. It is also better at fighting mold and mildew.

To complete this project, you'll need a sealing gun if you don't already have one. You can buy an inexpensive seal gun at any paint or hardware store. You will also need a knife, spatula, and some old rags to clean them.

First of all, remove all old seals. Use a multipurpose knife to cut from the surface along the edge of the gasket. Once you have started cutting the gasket, you can usually pull it into pieces. Use a spatula to remove any stubborn compaction that remains.

Scrub the area where the sealant has been removed well with bleach. This will kill any mold that may still be present. Let the area dry completely before applying the sealant.