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Tips to Help You Extend the Lithium-Ion Battery Life

There are many discussions today about how to conserve battery power. But, nobody wants to discuss how to care for these units. We will be discussing a few simple ways to prolong the life of your rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Continue reading to learn more.

Keep your batteries at room temperature

Your battery should be kept at room temperature (around 20 degrees C). In the worst-case scenario, it will be fully charged and can be exposed to extreme temperatures. If your car gets too hot, you should not plug your device into your vehicle. Heat is the main factor that can reduce the life expectancy of your Li-ion battery pack.

lithium ion batteries

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Don't buy too many spare packs

As time passes, batteries can begin to wear out. If you believe that a spare battery will last longer than the original, you are wrong. When buying one, you should also consider the age factor. You should choose a pack with the latest manufacturing date.

Avoid Full Discharges

Lithium-ion batteries don't have charge memory so they don’t need deep-discharge cycles. You may prefer partial-discharge cycles, as it is possible. There is an exception.

Experts recommend that Li-ion batteries should be allowed to discharge fully after 30 charges. If you continue to do this, the unit will develop a digital memory that will reduce power gauge accuracy. You will need to allow the unit discharge to the cut-off stage, then recharge it again.