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Why is Preschool Education Important In Turramurra?

Preschoolers have active imaginations and learn through stealth games. Teachers know that the line between reality and fantasy is often not clear to young children. Sometimes this causes fear of monsters under the bed.  But imagination also encourages learning.

Imaginary play areas in high-quality preschools are equipped with costumes, "props" and child-friendly household items such as stoves, sinks, and cupboards. Often preschoolers progress steadily in this area of activity from single play to complex group play. You can also avail the benefits of preschools in Turramurra for your child.

Young children show increased interest in pre-math and pre-literacy skills. To prepare children for the demands of kindergarten education, teachers offer a variety of games and activities to help children acquire preliminary knowledge and reading and writing skills.

When children discuss interesting reading stories, their listening comprehension, comprehension, and expression improve. Playing with the letters of the magnetic alphabet can inspire a child to ask the teacher for help writing the first letter of his or her name.

Task games, sorting games, counting games and board games promote children's understanding of numbers, categories and sequences, which support further math learning. Confusing together encourages children to recognize patterns, plan ahead, and solve problems.

To maintain children's enthusiasm and motivation to learn, quality preschool and childcare programs introduce reading, writing, and math skills from an early age not as isolated exercises, but in the context of activities that are interesting and meaningful for children.

Physical coordination improves so that children can explore their environment and challenge themselves in new ways. The little ones are out and about most of the day. High-quality preschool programs offer children many opportunities to run, climb, and play actively every day.