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Why The Sudden Interest In CBG Seeds?

Some refer to CBGa as "cannabis stem cells" because it is an ancestor to all other cannabinoids. 

As the plant ages, it produces CBGa, which is then converted into other cannabinoids such as THC and CBDa.  You can also visit to know more about CBG seeds.

The process known as cannabigellic acid synthesis is rapid as the cannabis flower ripens, although scientists have only recently developed it in the laboratory.

As an immature cannabinoid, CBG is not listed as a controlled substance unless it comes from a restricted part of the plant. 

Plants are (usually) confined only if their THC potency level reaches 0.3%. Plants harvested prior to the conversion of CBGa to THC are fully compatible, unexpected hemp.

Unfortunately, collecting hemp before the development of other cannabinoids will result in a sharp decrease in the amount of the product. 

Of course, this only holds true if the plant is grown from specifically produced CBG seeds which hinder further cannabinoid transformation. 

Plants with this genetic trait experience disruption in the biosynthetic pathway that prevents CBDa from being converted into cannabinoids such as CBDa and THCa.

CBG seeds can produce hemp plants with a cannabigerol concentration of 15 percent or more, without THC. Some companies quote a CBG / THC ratio of 100-1 or even 300-1 in some cases.