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Why There Is A Need For Extra Camera Strap?

I have never understood why people spend more on silly items such as camera straps. Did your equipment come with shoulder straps? Most likely. It is possible. What could possibly motivate this wasteful and useless behavior?

It became clearer why people spend more on neckbands that are not included with their original purchase. Camera straps that are generically available do not perform as well. They are easy to fray and come with cheap attachment rings and hooks. The generic camera strap isn't the worst thing. They are extremely, outrageously, inconvenient, and in every other way, uncomfortable. Due to these reasons, you must buy a Nikon shoulder strap from

Apart from the purpose of carrying your equipment, the main purpose of a camera strap is to make it easier to use and more comfortable to carry. This task is not possible with a generic model. However, any serious photographer would experience severe neck and shoulder pains if they continued to use their generic camera strap.

Instead of having one band, there are two. The bands are wrapped over your shoulders, under the arms, and across the back to meet at your chest. This creates a solution to neck tension and provides stability for your gear. It also allows you easy access since it rests on your chest. The harness is, without a doubt, the best choice.