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Lyceum Theater London a Great Attraction of Entertainment

The Lyceum Theater in London tells you the extraordinary story of its success, its fall, and reappearance. It began in 1772 when the Society of Arts established an area for performances near the current structure site. Since the beginning this theater has shown the tendency of chameleons, adapting to modifying trends and requirements.

1809 saw the right time for Theater. His business changed to Lyceum, supporting the theater to get the best license to play. In 1815 the Lyceum was completely rebuilt by the plan of Samuel Beazley. Bad luck hit and in 1830 a large part of Exeter Street caught fire. Another building was built and reopened in 1834.

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The Lyceum Theater became the first in London to enter a projected circle above the circle.

It was in the 1880s that the ghost theater made its first appearance. A couple sitting in rows swear that they have looked down on a woman and seen the head come loose in her lap. Someone who has seen the head is a lover of art because of work and was called in a few years later to appreciate some paintings in Yorkshire.

One of his paintings is a man whose appearance is identical to a severed head that was seen several years before. The owner of the painting claims that the portrait belonged to an ancestor who had been decapitated in the early Commonwealth and once owned the land where the Lyceum now stands!

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The building only lasted seventy years. During this time, Henry Irving, the famous actor, took over and turned the venue into the most brilliant playhouse in London. However, the fire broke out again and Irving’s assets were destroyed. New buyers could not be found and it was decided to destroy the building and once again to rebuild. Irving died in 1905 and never entered a new building, which reopened in 1907. Finally, this is the current structure but not in a position of its existence.

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Before it closed in 1984, the theater saw many performances. The seventies watched famous pop idol shows such as Iggy Pop and Bob Marley. So book the Book To Enjoy Lyceum Theater first and enjoy one of the most interesting shows in London.

Despite many obstacles, the Lyceum Theater in London has grown once again. In 1996, after ten years of opening, the Lyceum witnessed its sixth birth. The business continued to develop as The Lyceum Theater, now owned by The Ambassador Theater Group. Many people have enjoyed the kindness of the Lyceum every year.