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Know The Purpose Of The Phase 1 And 2 Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment or Phase I ESA is often associated with the first stage in determining if commercial properties are susceptible to contamination. 

It is a kind of report which is usually utilized by buyers or sellers of the property to determine if the property or the area around it, requires further investigation to assess the risk of environmental liability. There is more information about the phase I environmental site assessment on the internet.

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A prospective buyer will typically conduct an initial phase ESA to avoid the cost of cleaning the property after it is theirs, while the seller could utilize the information to boost the selling value to sell the house.

In contrast to the Phase II evaluation, which relies on analytical and sample data to evaluate the degree of contamination, this Phase I ESA is an assessment that is based on different types of data to determine whether further investigation is needed.

The records contain information on who was the owner of the property in the past and the purpose for which they used it. Certain types of use could be a red flag for potential contamination. 

Photographs will be taken, the perimeters of any structures examined and a visual inspection of the property's boundary measurements.You can also search online to get more information about phase 1.