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Medicinal Mushrooms: Health Benefits, Uses

Medicinal mushrooms support your body and strengthen your reactions in stressful situations. They keep your body's response at the desired level, like a thermostat that keeps the temperature from getting too high or too low.

If you are facing "illnesses" such as low energy, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, general stress, etc., you may be able to add mushrooms to your diet that treat these symptoms. You can browse the web and order dried mushroom online in Canada.

The problem, however, is that there are so many varieties of medicinal mushrooms that people don't know where to start.

The first rule is QUALITY! As with any supplement, quality is king. My three favorite companies are Root & Bones, Sun Potion, and Four Sigmatic.

Medicinal mushrooms themselves have a very bitter taste. You don't want to put it in the water and drink it right away. Or at least not!

Since mushrooms are powdered, they can be added to almost anything with ease.


Cordyceps fight free radicals (compounds that damage cells and DNA in the body), infection, and inflammation. They also help fight stress and fatigue. They are great for people with busy lifestyles. If you exercise regularly or are always traveling and maybe feeling a little tired, Cordyceps is for you.


If you've seen mushroom coffee, it's often the main mushroom in the mix. Chaga is a mushroom powerhouse. It has been shown to prevent and treat cancer, support the immune system, have antiviral effects, and reduce inflammation.


Another powerful and popular medicinal mushroom! They are the best balancer – they help balance the immune system, digestive problems, skin problems, sleep disorders, mood problems, hormones … The list goes on.