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Mushrooms as Psychedelics and Superfoods

You may have heard of the magic mushroom returning to modern culture. The magic mushroom is known for its many psychedelic properties.

Magic mushrooms are just one class of mushrooms with psychedelic properties, but that doesn't mean that other mushrooms don't have magic in their own way. You can buy magic mushrooms, flowers, edibles online in Canada and avail its benefits.

The use of magic mushrooms (psilocybin) originated in the ancient Aztecs more than 6,000 years ago, but was first published in Europe by Valentina Pavlovna Wason and Robert Wason.

Psilocybin is a natural psychedelic compound known for "increased emotional intensity, increased introspection, and altered psychological function in the form of" hypnagogic experiences "- states of transition between wakefulness and sleep.

Or to put it more simply, people often experience feelings of strong emotion, enthusiasm, and a sense of peace and openness. Magic mushrooms also evoke visionary illusions, such as: Changes in light, shape and sound.

Magic mushrooms have been found to have the potential to help with anxiety and depression. Healthline reports that early research suggests magic mushrooms can potentially provide short- and long-term relief from depression. One of the researchers behind this study put it well:

"The effect has been described as psilocybin, shaking the brain like a snowball or restarting the brain, making new connections and deactivating connections that might cause depression."

Indeed, between an increasing number of clinical trials approved by the FDA as a breakthrough therapy and steps towards further decriminalization, magic mushrooms may find their way to medicinal use.